I received a letter from PicRights. Now what?

The goal of PicRights is to resolve copyright claims quickly and fairly—without having to escalate the claim to our outside legal partners. Our Compliance Officers are experienced in resolving copyright claims and they want to work with you to resolve your claim in a fair and reasonable manner.

Received a copyright infringement notice from us? Contact the Copyright Compliance Officer on your letter to discuss next steps. Before that, you can refer to our Frequently Asked Questions for information about copyright, including copyright notices, public domain and more.

In short, the use of copyrighted images requires a license or fee covering any use, whether or not you knew the image was a copyright-protected work. Removal of the work and payment of a fee is required and can be arranged with your Compliance Officer. Ready to resolve now? Have your reference number and password handy and visit the portal.

For your protection and assurance of a final resolution, claim Settlement and Release Agreements are recorded in writing signed by an officer of the copyright holder.

PicRights is not a law firm and our Compliance Officers are not lawyers. If we are unable to resolve a claim through our internal personnel then, on behalf of our client, we will escalate the claim to external legal counsel who specialize in copyright law. At that point the matter is out of PicRights’s hands.

Do I need to talk to a lawyer?

We’re providing information on this website as a general resource and it is not legal advice. We highly recommend you speak with a qualified lawyer if you have legal questions about the letter you received from us or about copyright in general. However, you’re not required to hire a lawyer in order to resolve a claim with one of our Compliance Officers.

What should I do now?

Please contact us either personally or through your legal representative. PicRights is always willing to work with you to resolve your claim in a fair and reasonable manner. Although our client may litigate any copyright infringement if necessary, that would only happen after we had exhausted all reasonable efforts in trying to resolve this matter with you. The claim would then be escalated to an outside copyright lawyer and would no longer be handled by PicRights.